Two person try dive for just £25 per session

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Special Offer - Try Scuba Diving from £10

Do you want to learn to dive?

Why not arrange a Try-Dive!

So, you want to experience the thrill of breathing under water or you are interested in becoming a scuba diver as a hobby.

Try scuba diving now for only £15 per person, £25 for two people or £10 per person in a group of 5 people or more. You will experience the thrill of scuba diving in the safety of a swimming pool with an experienced trained instructor.

We can cater for up to 6 people per session, so why not try diving with a friend or group.

This can lead you on to further training to become a qualifed Ocean Diver.


To try scuba diving you must be 12 years old or over.

If you are under 16 years old you will have to be accompanied by an adult, normally a parent or carer.

If you are under 12 years old you can always try snorkelling.

Health and Fitness

You should be in general good health.

Ideally you should be a competent swimmer and be reasonably confident in the water.

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To arrange your Try-Scuba-Diving session please contact us

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If you really enjoy your Try-Dive and want to continue learning about diving and experience more we will discuss how you become a member of our club and what you will need to do to become an Ocean Diver.

If you decide to become a member of Bingham Sub Aqua Club we will discount first years membership by the amount you paid for the try-dive.

See our Membership page for further details on becoming a member and our Club Info page for more details about the club.

What happens next

When you contact the New Members Officer the following things will happen:

1. They will check your eligibility and discuss with you your diving requirements, whether you are new to diving or had previous experience, any holiday requirements etc.

2. Arrange a date for your Try-Dive with one of our qualified instructors.

3. Meet and greet you at the pool on the evening of your Try-Dive.

4. You will be required to sign the disclaimer and medical consent form that we provide in your Try-Dive Pack.

5. Our Kit Officer and Instructor will fit you with the necessary Scuba Diving Kit.

6. Your Instructor will then brief you to explain what your Try-Dive involves and all safety requirements.

7. Now you are ready for your Try Dive! This will normally be 45 minutes in the pool.

8. After your Try-Dive you will have a debrief with your Instructor to discuss and explain exactly what you have just achieved.

9. As a congratulations for your achievement you will get a Try Dive certificate with an introductory pack to the sport.