Two person try dive for just £25 per session


Bingham being awarded the best branch in 2017

Bingham SAC Fees

Bingham SAC offers Full Diving Membership, £110.00 per annum.

You will need to become a member of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) to progress through the grades as listed below. 

There is a one-off contribution of £55 towards the cost of pool training kit in the first year if training for Ocean Diver. The Ocean Diver training  pack (Manual, workbook and training log book) costs £40 + p&p.


If you would like to join us and become a member of Bingham Sub Aqua Club have a look at the information below. You can join as someone who as never dived before or as an experienced diver.

Newbie Diver Costs

As someone who has not dived before you could consider attending one of our try diving sessions. See our Try Diving page. This way you can decide whether diving is for you before committing to membership.

If you have tried diving before and want to progress to become a qualified diver, you can become a member and start on one of our courses that will qualify you as an Ocean Diver

Already a diver - Crossover

If you are already a qualified diver with a relevant qualification you are welcome to join us. You'll be able to attend excursions and club social events. You may also want to progress to a higher level of diving by taking further courses and training. Please see our Cross Over page for further details

British Sub Aqua Club

Bingham Sub-Aqua Club is actually one of a large number of Branches that makes up the British Sub-Aqua Club ( BSAC ), our governing body. To join Bingham SAC you must also join BSAC too.


Before you can become a member of BSAC you have to self certify your fittness to dive by filling in a UK SPORT DIVER MEDICAL FORM. If you have indicated that you have a medical issue you must go and be checked out by a diving medical doctor.  This is a "must" not only for your own safety but for the safety of others who will be diving with you. The cost of the medical is about £55 and can be arranged with your own GP. Most Club members go to Dr Maggie Clamp, Diving Specialist who may be able to arrange an appointment sooner than your GP, and is one of BSACs own Medical Referees

BSAC UK Sport Diver Medical forms are available from the BSAC website.

We will be able to supply you with a printed medical form, and all the other paperwork you need to complete during the joining process

Once a member you will self certify a SPORT DIVING MEDICAL FORM each year.