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Skills Development Courses

Diving  is a diverse and exciting sport, offering endless opportunities to  build your experience, learn new skills and explore new diving horizons.

Develop and improve your diving and other skills with Skill Development Courses.

BSAC  offers a wide range of special interest courses, designed to ensure you  get the very best out of your diving. Our programme of Skill  Development Courses (SDCs) are regularly held by Regional Coaching  Teams, BSAC Centres, and are held in-club at Bingham if we have sufficient numbers.

So,  whether your interest is in rescue, wrecks, technical, marine life or  photography, there is a BSAC specialist course for everybody.

BSAC's current courses include:

Club diving

• Accelerated Decompression Procedures (ADP)

• Buoyancy and Trim workshop

• Compressor Operation

• Dive Planning and Management

• Drysuit diver

• Marine Life Appreciation

• Nitrox Gas Blender / Mixed Gas Blender

• Nitrox workshops

• Search and Recovery

• Wreck Appreciation

• Wreck Diving

• Twin-set Diver


Safety and rescue

• Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

• Lifesaver and Advanced Lifesaver Award

• First Aid for Divers

• Oxygen Administration

• Oxygen Administration refresher

• Practical Rescue Management

• RNLI Diver Sea Survival Workshop

• Snorkel Lifesaver and Advanced Snorkel Lifesaver Award


• Boat Handling

• Chartwork and Position Fixing

• Diver Coxswain Assessment

Special interest

• Beachcomber

• Ice Diving

• Underwater Photography

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 Want to get more from your diving? Have fun, build  confidence and expand your diving opportunities with BSAC Skill  Development Courses (SDCs)

BSAC's range of special interest courses is designed to ensure you  get the very best out of your diving. SDCs are regularly held by  Regional Coaching Teams, BSAC centres and can be staged in clubs.