Two person try dive for just £25 per session


BSAC Discovery Diver

BSAC Try dive

This is aimed at holiday makers,

diver who can dive in open water in controlled conditions, to a

maximum depth of 12m under the direct in-water supervision of a

qualified Dive Leader.

BSAC Ocean Diver

Students being awarded their diver qualifications

You will learn to dive on this entry level course. Max depth 20m. See the BSAC site for more information on training as an Ocean Diver.

BSAC Sports Diver

Diver being unkitted in the water

Depth  can be built progressively to a maximum of 35m after qualfying. A Sports Diver can embark on the first stage of the route of instruction.

BSAC Dive Leader

Chartwork and Position Fixing course

Dive Leader  training covers responsibilities and safety of leading other divers.  Depth can be built progressively to a maximum of 50m after qualfying.  Dive Leaders are eligible to progress to Open Water Instructor.

BSAC Advanced Diver

Happy advanced diver

Divers gain  experience in planning dives at different sites and different  circumstances. Additional experience will be gained in using small  boats, chartwork. navigation and many other related skills. Advanced  Divers are eligible to progress to Advanced Instructor.

BSAC First Class

Bingham technical divers in the Sillies

BSAC's highest diving grade which requires a higher than average level of  theoretical knowledge, organisational and personal diving skills.