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Joining after qualifying with another agency

If you would like to join  us and become a member of Bingham Sub Aqua Club have a look at the  information below. You can join as someone who as never dived before or  as an experienced diver.

If you have been away on  holiday, and learnt to dive with a different agency (PADI, SSI, etc.),  then you can join our Club by transferring across into the appropriate  member grade. Different agencies train their divers in different sets of  skills, for example a BSAC Ocean Diver are taught rescue skills,  whereas these are not taught by the PADI scheme until the diver is  training for the Rescue Diver qualification.

BSAC recognises qualifications from other agencies so it’s easy to continue diving or progress your scuba training with BSAC.

You can download the BSAC equivalency chart to see if your qualifications crosses here. If you can’t find yours here please  call BSAC HQ on 0151 350 6203.